Vazhai Poo Vadai

Vazhai Poo Vadai


Vazhai Poo is the flower found in the Plaintain Tree before it becomes the fruit.
This flower is big and brown in color. It has layers in it. As you remove the cover for each layer , there will be a bunch of flowers in it.
It is said to be very good for health and tastes very good.The Vazhai Poo Vadai is one of my favorite dishes which I had taken from my mom , the greatest cook I have known till now :)


Vazhai Poo - 1 medium size
Fried Dhal ( Chtuney Kadala ) - 5ogms
Red Chilli - 5 to 6
Sombu - 1 TblSp
Onion - 1 finely chopped
Curry Leaves - chopped

1. Once the flowers are taken from the layers , they also have to cleaned.
The flowers have one trasparent portion in the lower portion and then inside them they many long tube like structures. In them , one of it will have a head portion that will be round in shape. This tube with the round head and the transparent portion in the lower part has to be removed. I have heard my mom tell that , eating with these , will cause stomach pain. Not sure abt it. But I always remove them .

2.By far, this dish requires a lot of time. Each and every flower has to be cleaned but it is worth the effort .

3. Once the flowers are all cleaned, chop them finely.

4. Boil water in vessel , add these to the water and add some salt. Allow them to cook till they become soft. Do not over cook as they might become all smashy :( and watery.

5.Once cooked strain the water and keep it aside.

6. Put the friend dhal into the mixie and make a fine powder. Then add the boiled flowers ,red chillies and churn them coarsely. Never make them into a complete paste.

7. Trasfer the ground mixture into a vessel. Add the onions , sombu , curry leaves and required amout of salt and mix them .

8. The mixture should be good enough to make balls out of it.

9. Heat oil for frying . When the oil is ready, flatten the balls and slip them into the oil one by one.

10. The vada turns brown once cooked.

11. Serve it tomato sauce .

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