So Let's Eat..

Hungry is it? and you are in Bangalore.
Dont worry madko bedi. Enjoy Maadi... ( The only two kannada type sentences NK folks try talking).
Chinthe beda. Adige ready agidhe is as we would mention it.

We are people who love some real goooooooood food...
whether at home or outside, day or night, exotic or traditional, chinese or pizza, south india or north indian..

Proud to get the recipe from Old Grandma ..
Exciting to download from the New Internet..Try it out and see how it boils out from your kitchen.
The office lunch group/guests gets to taste it and appreciative( some egoistic :-) ) of the culinary skills .
Husband hogging with content and happiness.. All this is great to see.

As mentioned before,, when you in Bangalore and exhausted with lots of work or need to try something new.
Just pick out the car or the phone. Pizza at your doorstep or drive into thindi beedhi.
Enough to increase the concavity of the tummy and convexity of the eyelids.. Eat Heavy and Sleep Tight.

Thot of pumping in these thots about the food we try cooking and eating in this hogging phase of our life.

Giving a preface or a start with this small blog will hand it over to my sweeter half (wife) to do more of the talking.
Ofcourse recipes and the experiences to follow from here. Health Titbits and review of eateries as add on.

So Let's Eat..
And Yeah.. don't miss two main ingredients in food -- pinch of salt and lots of love..

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